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UNHCR and Better Shelter

In Cameroon 647,536 people are currently of concern to international organizations, including 247,838 Central African refugees and 87,052 Nigerian refugees. Most of them are hosted in the far North region of the country, however, the security situation remains unstable there due to the presence of armed groups.

Since 2013, when armed groups took control of part of CAR, hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to leave their country, seeking safety in neighboring countries. Although the situation has stabilized, civilians are still being exposed to waves of violence forcing  most of the refugees to remain in their host countries.


In 2018, UNHCR implemented 480 Better Shelter units in Maroue, in the Northern part of the country, to be used as temporary housing.

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Order Information

Location Maoura, Cameroon
Implementation 2018
Number of units 768
Purpose Temporary housing