Partner: Croce Rossa Italiana

Croce Rossa Italiana and Better Shelter

The Italian Red Cross installed 230 Better Shelter units in refugee transit centres in five cities across the country: Rome, Settimo Torinese, Lecce and Bresso.

According to figures from the Italian Ministry of Interior, 119 310 refugees arrived in Italy in 2017 by crossing the Mediterranean Sea, with a majority originating from Tunisia, Eritrea, Sudan, Nigeria and Pakistan. The rise of Tunisian migration was unexpected but can be explained by the fact that since the revolution in 2011, the economic and political instability is still unresolved in some regions, and for some has worsened.

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Order Information

Location Roma, Lecce, Torino, Bresso, Milano, Pavia, Italy
Implementation Aug 2017
Number of units 230
Purpose Transit shelters