Thank you

Happy holidays and Happy New Year from all of us at Better Shelter.

Together with you we have been able to support thousands of forcibly displaced people and offered them a space to learn new things, to recover from difficult memories and simply be together in safety.

Here are a few them:

Ruba in Syria

10-year old Ruba lives in an RHU with her family in Ariba Camp outside Idlib in Northwest Syria. By Ali Haj Suleiman

Here I live close to the school. I go there with my sisters and my cousins, and I have made friends to play with.” Ruba, 10, Ariba Camp

We have played a part in enabling children’s education in Syria: Ruba, who has a leg injury ever since a bomb exploded in her hometown, can go to school again in our shelters, do homework at night and dream about her future (she wants to become a doctor!).

Partners: Watan Foundation and UNOCHA

Manuela and her family in Ecuador

Manuela’s daughter and partner share a meal at the Community Diner in Ibarra, Ecuador.

Some of our shelters function as an extension to a community diner in Ecuador where the Venezuelan refugee Manuela, her partner and their young daughter (pictured) were able to eat for free and take a breather, before finally meeting up with family members they had not seen for a long time. Most of the people visiting the dining room are Colombian refugees, refugees and migrants from Venezuela, and Ecuadorian elderly.

Partner: UNHCR

Afghani women in Pakistan

The RHUs serve as sewing workshops where Afghani women can learn how to stitch and do embroidery in a refugee village in Peshawar, Pakistan, enabling them to earn money for themselves and their families.

Partner: UNHCR

Connie, Robert and José in the US

“I know that in my heart when I leave here, I’m going to miss this little house in a certain way because at a time when I needed it, it was there.” – Robert, Camp Esperanza resident

RHUs offer shelter for Robert, Connie and José experiencing homelessness in the Esperanza Community in Texas.

Partners: The Other Ones Foundation and Glimmer Austin

Thank you for collaborating with us in 2021.