A human shelter

“We bought this fabric from the market. We hung it up like this, so it will look nice in here. Then we bought the couch and the carpet to make it look like our old house in Salahdien”.

Boris B. Bertram’s film The Human Shelter explores different people’s ways of creating their homes around the globe. The film covers some of the world’s current challenges, such as climate change, growing megacities and war across four continents in nine different countries. When does a refugee camp shelter in Iraq become a home? What can a Sami reindeer herder teach the modern human about the concept of time? Why can the smell of a glacier in spring make us feel at home in our bodies? And, what would a home on Mars look like in the future?

At the Ikea Museum, visitors can watch the documentary and explore the different chapters in a temporary exhibition with the same: Human Shelter.