Building partnerships, achieving impact

For over ten years, we have supplied safe and dignified shelters to our most vulnerable communities in displacement. At Better Shelter, our impact is only as strong as the durable partnerships we have built with governments, UN agencies, NGOs and local communities. We are building on our mission everyday through partnerships in the humanitarian sector, providing safety and dignity for displaced populations. Get in touch with our partnerships team today, and we will connect with you shortly.

Our focus

In collaboration with local and global partners, Better Shelter provides shelter as temporary homes for displaced families to live in safely, and infrastructure to promote improved health, protection and education.





Together with partners, we offer dignity and protection throughout the duration of displacement where our structures are needed the most.


With geopolitical conflicts causing displacement situations to become more protracted, and with the effects of climate change becoming more frequent and intensified, we stand ready to support our partners in their missions to shelter our most vulnerable populations in displacement.

Whether deploying shelters in disaster or conflict responses, in camps or in urban settings, we support partners during the planning, implementation and maintenance.

Relief units

Our modular relief units offer residents safety and dignity. While temporary, they meet the basic needs of daily living and can be upgraded and upcycled.

Relief Housing Unit (RHU)

A resistant shelter that arrives with all parts in a flatpack and is easy to assemble for immediate safety and dignity in emergency response.

RHU Structure

A robust shelter frame that lets residents make incremental upgrades with local material and use it throughout the duration of displacement.

Current projects

We are supporting our partners in responding to the most urgent crisis regions around the world.


Russia’s war in Ukraine has forced more than fourteen million people from their homes. With the international community mobilising to distribute relief and essential services, we are supporting our partners by providing temporary shelters for the growing displaced population in Ukraine and in the neighbouring countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America and the Caribbean are vulnerable to multiple crises: the instability in Venezuela, Haiti and Nicaragua causing a mass exodus of their populations, and the growing threat of natural disasters, destroying homes and critical infrastructure. We work with partners on the ground, adapting shelters to climate and culture.

Northwest Syria

Now having entered its second decade of conflict, and with millions still displaced, the humanitarian situation in Syria is the worst in history. We work with UNHCR, ATAA Relief, Bonyan Foundation, WATAN Foundation and more partners in the Middle East to shelter the populations in most need of shelter.

Our partners

Since the inception of our organisation, we have collaborated with a range of partners across the humanitarian sector, to implement shelters on the field, to conduct research and development on shelter design, and to build on donorships to advance shelter innovation. Below is a sample of our partners, past and present, including government agencies, NGOs and civil society organisations.

Contact us

Get in touch with our team to learn more about our work, how to become a partner, and on technical assistance.

Antony Merjan

Partnerships Manager (MENA, Asia and the Pacific)

Lucia Arias Kapetinic

Partnerships Manager (Africa, Americas, Europe)