We stand ready to respond in emergencies

Together with partners, we offer dignity and protection throughout the duration of displacement where our structures are needed the most. Within our shelter system, we offer two options based on the modular frame, adapted to different responses, situations and requirements: the RHU and RHU Structure.

Dispatch of shelters from our Poland warehouse to Ukraine April, 2022. ©Mova Film

Our support

We collaborate with local and global partners to provide shelter as temporary homes for displaced families to live in safely, and infrastructure to promote improved health, protection and education.

The Relief Housing Unit (RHU) and RHU Structure. ©Better Shelter





Responding to the emergency in Ukraine

Since UNHCR declared the conflict in Ukraine a level 3 emergency, we have been supporting our partners’ humanitarian initiatives by providing RHUs to shelter the growing displaced Ukrainian population. So far, we have delivered more than 4000 RHU units to different locations in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries.

Over 4,000 shelters delivered to the emergency in Ukraine

Immediate dispatch from our warehouse in Poland

Our temporary shelters are produced in accordance with EU standards, and stored in our warehouse in Gdańsk, Poland, less than 1000 kilometres from the western Ukrainian border. They can be dispatched immediately for rapid deployment where they are needed the most.

RHUs stocked in our warehouse in Poland. ©Mova Film

Working with the EU to shelter refugees in Europe

With funding from rescEU, an upgraded unit of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, the European Commission funded 4,000 RHUs, with the capacity to shelter 20,000 people. Currently in stockpile reserve to be implemented by the summer of 2022, the RHUs will be delivered and installed by the Swedish Contingencies Agency (MSB) for immediate protection until the establishment of long-term housing solutions.

20,000 people to be sheltered with funding from EU

Adapted to climates

We conduct comprehensive research and development to innovate ways our shelters can provide the best support in all climates. As all signs are pointing towards a difficult upcoming winter with many households across Europe forced to ration their energy usage, we are working with our partners on the field in Europe who are making adaptations in preparation for the cold winter months.

We are working with partners on winterising our shelters

Training of trainers

Whether deploying shelters in disaster or conflict responses, in camps or in urban settings, we support partners during the planning, implementation and maintenance.

We offer customised support, both online and on the field

Contact us

We are regularly monitoring updates on the most urgent emergency situations in Europe and around the world, and are ready to support our partners. Contact us today to learn more about our support and technical assistance.

Lucia Arias Kapetinic

Partnerships Manager (Americas, Africa, Europe)

Tim de Haas

Head of Technology

Märta Aretakis Terne

Head of Communications