Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of organization is Better Shelter?

Better Shelter is a Swedish humanitarian nonprofit wholly owned by the philanthropic Housing for All Foundation, which was established by the IKEA Foundation. More

Can I donate a shelter to a displaced family?

Yes! You can donate an entire – or part of a – shelter here.

Who designed the shelters?

The shelters have evolved over years in this project into what they are today, thanks to collaborative R&D by the Better Shelter team, UNHCR, academics, suppliers as well as thanks to input from residents. More

Can I buy a shelter for myself?

Our shelters are intended for humanitarian use to offer people in displacement safety and dignity. We partner with humanitarian organizations and government agencies to make sure that they are used where the need is greatest. More

How can my organization collaborate with Better Shelter?

We collaborate with a range of different partners within relief response, R&D, resource mobilization and communication with the aim to improve the lives of displaced people. Read more how we partner here.

I am a student – can I interview someone at Better Shelter or do an internship?

We collaborate with students and universities on various projects within product development, communication and research. Email us!