Recent public health emergencies of international concern have revealed the critical need for medical support structures around the world, and especially in regions with precarious health services. Through partnerships with medical NGOs, thousands of our shelters have been deployed as medical facilities to increase the access of health services for the populations who are in most need of vital care.

Our shelters have been tested to meet the quality standards which allow our medical NGO partners to attend to various medical needs including conditions relating to women’s health, age and physical and intellectual disabilities. Our shelters nurture both short-term and long-term mental and physical wellbeing by enabling access to basic sanitary health services. The security of shelter as accommodation improves basic levels of hygiene by reducing the exposure to air pollution and climate related health hazards. Find out more about shelter and health on the Global Shelter Cluster platform

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Over the last two years, the RHU and RHU Structure have been implemented by our partners to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Contact our support team to learn more.