Support families in Türkiye and Syria

We support partners in Türkiye and Syria by providing safe and dignified shelters to families affected by the earthquake. Join our response with your donation.

Support families in urgent need of shelter

Europe’s worst natural disaster in a century

After the devastating earthquake on Feb 6, survivors in Türkiye and Syria face harsh weather and freezing temperatures. The need for shelter and protection is urgent and enormous, as millions of people in both countries are left homeless.

have been made homeless in Türkiye and Syria

recorded deaths as of 28 Feb

will likely be affected by this emergency

affecting living conditions for people without shelter

IKEA Foundation supports 5,000 shelters

The IKEA Foundation donated 10 million euros to emergency relief operations in Türkiye and Syria, providing 5,000 shelters for the people who were left without a home in the middle of winter. We are urging additional donations to increase support.

We collaborate with local partners

The Turkish Red Crescent, with technical support from Watan Foundation, has built shelters in the city of Hatay in Türkiye to provide safety for people who lost their homes in the earthquake.

Photo: Alaaddin Seyitisa

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