Partner: UNHCR

UNHCR and Better Shelter

Erasmo Meoz University Hospital in Cúcuta, Colombia: thirty units were installed to help the hospital cope with patients from both the Venezuelan and Colombian population.

The border town of Cúcuta is one of the main border crossings into Colombia, which is hosting over 1 million Venezuelan refugees and migrants. In total, close to 5 million Venezuelans have sought refuge in neighbouring countries from the political and economic crisis at home.

In early-2020, Covid-19 became a global pandemic, spreading to nearly all the world’s continents. Refugees and displaced populations, particularly the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions, often have reduced access to health services and sanitation and may be more likely to be among the vulnerable groups at greater risk of contracting contagious viruses and communicable disease.

Project Information

LocationCúcuta, Colombia
ImplementationApr 2020
Number of units30
PurposeCovid-19 isolation wards