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Niger is home to over 240,000 refugees and more than 186,000 persons are displaced within the country’s borders.

Two regions in Niger are particularly affected by the armed conflicts and displacement and are currently in a state of emergency: the Diffa region which borders Nigeria and Chad and the South West part of Niger, bordering Mali.

Diffa Region:

Since 2013, the region has been hosting Nigerian refugees fleeing terrorist violence, but the situation got much worse in 2015 when Niger was attacked by these armed groups. The level of criminality has recently increased, creating tensions with the local community, who is suffering from the poor economic situation.

Today, there are over 250,000 displaced persons in the region, including 118,868 Nigerian refugees, over 25,000 returnees and 104,288 internally displaced persons.

Malian border:

Niger is hosting Malian refugees since the outbreak of the crisis in Northern Mali in 2012 and due to the increasing instability in the regions bordering Mali, the government declared a state of emergency in several departments in March 2017.

In 2018, the Government of Niger and UNHCR implemented a unique Emergency Transit Mechanism (ETM) to facilitate the evacuation of thousands of refugees detained in Libya and provide them with life saving assistance and protection, until they can be resettled.

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