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UNHCR and Better Shelter

In 2018, Rwanda hosted over 140,000 refugees out of which almost half of them were arriving from DRC and the other half from Burundi. By that time, the arrival of Burundian refugees had slowed down compared to 2015 when the political insecurity was as its worst. 10 278 Burundian refugees were hosted in Kigali camp, Rwanda in 2018.

In 2019, the Government of Rwanda, UNHCR, and the African Union agreed on the necessity of setting up an Emergency Transit Mechanism in Rwanda for refugees being evacuated from Libya. The first group of refugees and asylum seekers evacuated from Libya arrived at UNHCR Gashora transit Centre on 26th September.  So far, almost 200 refugees have found safety in Gashora, many of them are unaccompanied minor who have been separated from their families. UNHCR will provide them with assistance and shelter until they safely can be resettled.

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More information about Gashora emergency transit center here.

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Project Information

LocationKigali, Rwanda

ImplementationNov 2018

Number of units480

PurposeTemporary shelters