Partner: Local Contractor

Local Contractor and Better Shelter

This project was completed in collaboration with a team of engineers in Rwanda. They were keen to test the Structure in a Sub-Saharan context with the goal to explore several local attachment techniques and materials common in the region.

The Structure units were piloted in Northern Rwanda, near the town of Roherengui, at the base of the volcanoes Sabinyo, Gahinga, Muhabura which denote the border between Rwanda and Uganda. The units were assembled by a local crew, with training and technical guidance from the Better Shelter team and upgraded with local materials such as thatch, wattle and daub and bamboo, all locally-available resources in the area.  The units are still standing after two years and further evaluation will be made.

For more information, check out the Structure Pilot Report and Report Summary.

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Project Information

LocationNorthern Rwanda

Implementation 2019

Number of units4

ApplicationTemporary shelter