Partner: Watan Foundation

Watan Foundation and Better Shelter

Syria has suffered ten years of war. More than 12 million Syrians are displaced and much of Syria’s civil infrastructure has been destroyed.

The 2019 Northwest Syria offensive left a total of 2.7 million in need of humanitarian assistance in the region. 1.6 million people live in emergency shelters here – a majority in tents.

Together with several partners, Better Shelter has provided temporary shelter solutions which have improved living conditions for thousands of households.


The Watan Foundation and Better Shelter teams worked together on onsite planning, layout design, ground preparations and fire safety and risk mitigation.

Climatic adaptation support by Better Shelter: a chimney plate to serve as a safe exhaust for stove pipes was specifically developed for this project as Watan Foundation plans to install stoves “sobas” inside the units.


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Project Information

LocationHarem District, Idlib Governorate


Number of units500

PurposeTemporary shelter