Partner: PCPM, UNHCR

PCPM, UNHCR and Better Shelter

PCPM Foundation set out to improve the medical facilities and the services provided, by donating 100 Better Shelter units to UNHCR and implementing them on site. Certain units were modified to better suit the context and cope with heat.

Uganda borders two of the world’s largest humanitarian crises in South Sudan and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Both are consequences of the gigantic scale of violence, long-term civil wars, famine and epidemics and have forced over 1.4 million refugees to leave their homes and seek safety in Uganda. Many settlements in Uganda lack medical staff and resources required to meet the needs, and a particularly difficult situation prevails in the refugee settlement Bidi-Bidi, which hosts 280,000 refugees.

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Project Information

LocationBidi Bidi camp, Uganda
ImplementationOct 2018
Number of units100