A space to live, not just to survive.

Ten years of war

Syria has suffered ten years of war. More than 12 million Syrians are displaced and much of Syria’s civil infrastructure has been destroyed.

The 2019 Northwest Syria offensive left a total of 2.7 million in need of humanitarian assistance in the region. 1.6 million people live in emergency shelters here – a majority in tents.

Together with partners we have provided RHUs to different parts of Northwest Syria which have improved living conditions for thousands of households.

But many more people need support and the situation remains urgent. We call for increased protection, safety and dignity for displaced families in the region.

© Photo: Maram Foundation

Watan Foundation

Camp for Internally Displaced Persons

The Watan Foundation and Better Shelter teams worked together on onsite planning, layout design, ground preparations and fire safety and risk mitigation. Watan Foundation assembled 100 units per day.

Location Harem District, Idlib Governorate

Partner Watan Foundation

Number of Units 500

Application Shelter

© Photo: Ali Suleiman

ATAA Hum. Relief Association

Camp for Internally Displaced Persons

182 families have received shelter in ATAA Humanitarian Relief Association‘s camp for internally displaced.

Location Jarābulus District, Aleppo Governorate

Partner ATAA Humanitarian Relief Association

Number of Units 182

Application Shelter

© Photo: ATAA Humanitarian Relief Association

PCPM & Maram Foundation

COVID-19 Quarantine Centre

The Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM) donated 52 Better Shelters to the Maram Foundation to create a quarantine centre with a capacity for 260 patients.

Location Harem District, Idlib Governorate

Partner PCPM / Maram Foundation

Number of Units 52

Capacity 260 patients

Application COVID-19 quarantine centre

© Photo: Maram Foundation


Camp for Internally Displaced Persons

Together with implementing partners, UNHCR set up 6,000 units in camps across Idlib Governorate.

Location Harem and Ma’arrat al Numan Districts, Idlib Governorate

Partner UNHCR

Number of Units 6 000

Application Shelter

© Photo: Maram Foundation

Bonyan Organization

Improved living space for people in rural areas

Bonyan Organisation installed 48 RHUs as extensions to the overcrowded shelters in rural communities in the Afrin District.

Location Afrin District, Aleppo Governorate

Partner Bonyan Organization

Number of Units 48

Application Shelter

© Photo: Bonyan Organization

What our partners say

“In a complex response, such as in Syria, protection is the central aspect of our work. Especially protecting the right of people to return to their original property and homes. In this respect, Better Shelter was a quick solution to provide safe and dignified shelters for displaced beneficiaries without losing the right to continue to advocate for their return right to their homes…”.

“If we’re looking for a shelter solution that fits the Nexus strategy, saves us the waste of resources in the emergency response phase and provides us with a space of time for  planning and preparing for early recovery, this solutions would be similar to the Better Shelter.”

– Mohammad Najem, General Manager, Watan Foundation

“At least 40% of houses in Syria are uninhabitable, either destroyed or damaged. It is heartwarming to see houses – even if temporary – being set up for people who lived in tents for years. I hope RHUs will provide them a semblance of home.”

Wojtek Wilk, CEO of The Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM)

“I believe it is time to stop using tents. These shelters are delivering dignity and protection in addition to providing a better shelter. Everything around the world is improving to the better and it is time for the humanitarian community to think outside the box.”

Yakzan Shishakly, CEO of Maram Foundation for Relief & Development