Designed with and for refugees

Modular post emergency and transitional shelters adaptable to your needs and safe for the people you serve.



  • All necessary components and tools included

  • Enables predictable planning, budgeting and implementation

  • Installed in 5–6 hours by a team of four

Cost effective


  • Flat-packed

  • Minimum site preparations required

  • Requires no skilled labour

  • Modular system can be maintained, repaired and/or transformed over time



  • 3 year lifespan

  • Adaptable size and layout

  • Fit for numerous applications: shelter and communal infrastructure

  • Can be maintained, repaired and/or transformed over time

Safe & dignified


  • Protects against heavy rain, wind and sun

  • Vector control

  • Lockable door, rigid steel frame, non-see through walls and a portable solar powered lamp

  • Free standing height and 9 airflow openings


  • 17.5 m2
  • Lockable door
  • 4 windows & 4 ventilations
  • Semi-rigid and opaque plastic roof and wall panels
  • Steel frame mounted with ground anchors
  • Solar powered
  • Portable lamp
  • Flat-packed
  • 160 kg
  • 3 year shelf life
  • 36 months lifespan
  • Assembled by a team of four in 5–6 hours without additional tools
  • Developed according to the Sphere minimum standards


Wind 28m/s or 101km/h wind resistance

Rain resistant: passes artificial rain test with no leakage.

Fire and flammability protection: fire retardant materials allow for minimum 2-minute escape time.

Temperature  5-40°C temperature range


Roof and wall: polyolefin foam panels treated with UV protection

Frame and foundation: lightweight galvanized steel

Door and door frame: UV stabilised polymer plastic

Window and ventilation frames and hatches: UV and heat resistant polymer plastic

Smaller components: polymer plastic

Floor sheet: woven high-density polyethylene fibres

Assembly tools: Steel




The Better Shelter does not contain any REACH SVHC substances and is RoHS compliant.

All materials used in the unit should be disposed in accordance with local legislation and as stipulated by the responsible authority.

Covered living area: 17.5 m²

  • Length: 5.68 m
  • Width: 3.32 m
  • Height: 2.83 m

Max. indoor height: 2.7 m

Min. indoor height [eave level]: 1.8 m

Product brochure

Structure in 3D


  • Door: Leaf 1.7 m x 0.75 m / Frame 1.9 m x 1.0 m
  • Windows: Outer dimensions 0.45 m x 0.38 m

(Effective open window area: 0.062 m²)

  • Ventilations: Outer dimensions 0.41 m x 0.45 m 

(Effective ventilation area: 0.064 m²)

Product brochure



1 packed unit = 1.14 m3 (2.02 m x 1.09 m x 0.52 m)

One shelter is delivered in two boxes, which together weigh 160 kg.

    Box A: 2020 x 1090 x 230 mm (87 kg)

    Box B: 2000 x 1090 x 290 mm (73 kg)

48 units fit into a container 40 feet HC.

36 units fit into a container 40 feet DC.

Shipping information


Assembling a 17.5 m2 Better Shelter requires a team of four and takes 5 to 6 hours depending on experience, conditions and location.

The shelter is delivered in two cardboard boxes which have been packed to reflect the order in which components will be used in construction. The two boxes can be lifted by four people and contain all necessary tools and instruction manuals. The shelter is constructed in three stages:

  1. Steel foundation
  2. Roof with ventilation and solar panel
  3. Walls with windows and door

For enquiries about assembly and how we can support you in the implementation of a program, please contact us.

Support services

Although not complicated, the assembly is complex. Components have been standardised throughout the structure so that familiarisation with the different parts and overall structure is easy, and all tools and manuals for the assembly are provided. Still, the shelter will have to endure harsh weather, the changing seasons and as well as everyday wear and tear by residents. Ensuring that the shelter is assembled and implemented in a correct way, allows for partners to feel confident in the product’s specifications, and the shelter’s residents can benefit from the protection the shelter offers.

Better Shelter does not take any operational responsibility from its partners. Each partner will provide access to and fully manage the site for its shelter program, its own human resources and material. Better Shelter’s role is to support its partner’s shelter program, ensuring the safe and efficient assembly of the shelter according to its partner’s planned programs and to optimise its partner’s available resources.

Better Shelter’s services can be adapted to different contexts depending on the specific requirements of each partner, operation or location.

Assembly training program objectives

  • Ensure safe and correct project implementation and installation of Better Shelter’s shelter solution
  • Ensure safe and correct use of Better Shelter’s shelter solution
  • Provide support in partner’s capacity building
  • Enable cost-effective use of resources

For enquiries about assembly and how we can support you in the implementation of a program, please contact us.