Whether in response to displacement caused by natural disasters or violent conflict, we have supported missions in some of the most severe crisis situations in the world. One of the key functions of our shelters is to ensure that its residents are safe and protected so that they can live in peace and work towards their vision for the future.

Resulting from rigorous multi-hazard risk assessments, our shelters are equipped with several features which mitigate security risks and strengthens protections for its residents, with particular attention to the most vulnerable subgroups. All shelters have lockable doors to maintain a sense of privacy and to prevent the occurrence of sexual and gender based violence (SGBV). The shelters and our support in shelter planning are designed to unite families and communities by reducing the effects of overcrowding, where closely grouped communal shelters increase the risk of SGBV. The shelters also help to reduce the unequal distribution of non-food items (NFIs) for those who are often omitted, including women, children, older persons, persons with disabilities and LGBTI persons by accounting them in all programming. Find out more on the Global Shelter Cluster website here.

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To learn more about how we conduct our assessments, as well as how we apply research to mitigate risk factors, contact our support team.