While our shelters are designed to withstand a range of climate conditions and to last throughout the duration of their residents’ state of displacement, we are conscious of the materials and techniques appropriate for recycling.

We conduct meticulous assessments and have adopted the waste hierarchy approach in our product development strategies in order to reduce waste through all stages of our shelters’ life cycle. To reduce further waste, we aim to use the minimum amount of materials to produce our products and packaging.


The RHU is composed of fully recyclable building parts made of steel and aluminum. The packaging, door, door frame, door canopy, window hatches, ventilation hatches, windows and ventilation frames, gable profiles and gable caps, can all be directly recycled, reverting to their raw materials. The panels can be chemically recycled, resulting in secondary raw materials which can be used to manufacture similar or new products. 

RHU Structure

Nearly all building parts of the Structure are made of steel and can be easily recycled, in addition to the packaging.  

Shipping boxes
Door elements
Roof elements
Smaller components

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Our product innovation team are frequently developing ways our shelter materials can be recycled. Contact our support team to learn more.

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