Values and principles

Every aspect of our work is governed by the right of each individual human being to live a safe and dignified life.

Home is a human right

Home is a human right, and no one should have to flee disasters and conflicts to live in a temporary settlement. Despite this, millions of people worldwide are forced to live in camps for many years, even decades.

In these situations, a shelter becomes a critical survival mechanism that, even if it’s temporary, should offer protection, safety and dignity until a permanent home in peace becomes available.

A shelter should be a secure a space where families can be together and cope with the trauma of displacement, as well as being a foundation for physical and mental healing, for education livelihood and protection.

We believe that shelter design should allow people to take control of their dwelling, even if temporarily, and be able to adapt it to their needs.

Temporary shelters must be able to be upgraded continuously and upcycled when not needed anymore. We believe that long-lasting impact is achieved through local partnerships.

The humanitarian imperative


Human suffering must be alleviated wherever it is found, with particular attention to the most vulnerable.


Humanitarian aid must not favour any side in armed conflicts or other disputes.


Humanitarian aid must be provided solely on the basis of need, without discrimination.


Humanitarian objectives must be autonomous from political, economic, military or other bias.

Every aspect of Better Shelter’s work is governed by the right of each individual human being to live a safe and dignified life.

We are led by our commitment to protect and reduce the suffering of those who are most vulnerable in displaced situations.

Humanitarianism is as evident within our team synergy as it is in our collaboration with our partners, and people we aim to support.

We stand in solidarity with people displaced by armed conflict and disaster.

Our mission is to provide displaced persons with safety and dignity through shelter until they are relocated to a permanent home in peace which leads to recovery.

Our ethical framework

Our organisation’s code of conduct to do good business, upheld everyday by our entire team.