Better Shelter is nominated for the Beazley Designs of the Year!

Better Shelter is nominated for the Beazley Designs of the Year!

There are 67 nominees in six categories: Architecture, Digital, Fashion, Graphics, Product and Transport, which will be exhibited at the London Design Museum between 24 November 2016 and 19 February 2017.

Better Shelter is nominated in the Architecture category, which represents a range of the built environment from small scale domestic to public parks.

Also nominated in the Architecture category are Arup’s Structural Safety Assessments of Textile Factory Buildings in Bangladesh and The Green, Nunhead by AOC—a public building that hosts events, exchanges, and collaborations that constitute community life in Nunhead, London.

Now in its ninth year, Beazley Designs of the Year celebrates design that promotes or delivers change, enables access, extends design practice or captures the year’s spirit.

The winning design will be announced in January 2017. Previous winners include Human Organs-on-Chips by Donald Ingber and Dan Dongeun Huh at Harvard University’s Wyss Institute and One Laptop Per Child by Yves Béhar of Fuseproject for OLPC & Quanta Computer Inc.

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