Values and principles

Every aspect of our work is governed by the right of each individual human being to live a safe and dignified life.

Home is a human right

A safe home is the foundation for recovery. Although temporary, this is where one can plan ahead, find a job, be with family and heal from trauma.
Shelter design should empower residents to build and upgrade it themselves.
Shelter is a process and should adapt sustainably to various phases of displacement, different cultures, needs and contexts.
Strategic partnerships are the key to long-lasting impact.

The humanitarian imperative

We stand in solidarity with people displaced by conflict and disaster. Committed to protecting and alleviating the suffering of the most vulnerable in displaced situations, we are driven by humanitarian values that foster team synergy and partnerships.

Human suffering must be alleviated wherever it is found, with particular attention to the most vulnerable.


Humanitarian aid must not favour any side in armed conflicts or other disputes.


Humanitarian aid must be provided solely on the basis of need, without discrimination.


Humanitarian objectives must be autonomous from political, economic, military or other bias.

Ethical framework

Our code of conduct, upheld everyday by our team.