Sustainability and innovation

Since the beginning, we have been dedicated to innovation and driving impactful change through thoughtful design. Through strategic partnerships, prototyping and continuous evaluation, we continue to refine our approach, learning and evolving every step of the way.

An incremental approach

Our new sustainable product portfolio will be based on a lightweight, robust, and modular frame. Clad in various materials to suit different needs and budgets, it can be upgraded to adapt to changing needs. The entire system is modular, allowing the creation of different sizes and shapes, and versatile enough to be used within shelter, health, education, and protection.


We collaborate with humanitarian partners, the private sector and academia to keep improving our shelters and adapt to the rapidly changing humanitarian landscape. We develop materials to improve the indoor climate, strengthen building details to make the shelters more resilient and sustainable, and find new ways to optimise modularity, recyclability and upgradability.


A sustainable product strategy addressing the shelter needs of the millions of people who may face displacement in the future.

An approach to create a modular and versatile shelter framework that can be easily stockpiled and assembled.


A pre-fabricated panel system that offers safety and dignity from the outset, with rapid assembly and versatile applications,

Made of materials which create as little environmental impact as possible.

Serving as temporary structures able to fit into complex humanitarian responses. ​


Enable communities to upgrade with available building materials using local traditions and expertise.

Adapt shelters as local resources become accessible, transform them into more durable buildings in protracted emergencies.

Advancing sustainable development

We are committed to the SDG framework, and as a member of the United Nations Global Compact, we report on our current activities, which helps us align our strategies and operations with universal principles on human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption.

Our design philosophy

Human centred design

Shelter is a dynamic process, not a product, and every stakeholder’s perspective is invaluable.

Humanitarian imperative

Guided by humanitarian principles, we must provide culturally appropriate shelters to ensure safety without imposing additional concerns on people.


Ensure early and iterative evaluation through prototypes, with gradual progression from small-scale to full-scale models with feedback from users.

Test, pilot and verify

Test prototypes with partners, to assess performance and collect feedback, scrutinise various aspects and community acceptance, while prioritising safety and performance in design choices.

Invest in innovation

Partner with coreagous philanthrophies through multi-year innovation programs to ensure ideation, prototyping, evaluation, iteration and impact evaluation.

Innovate through collaboration

Collaborate with UN agencies, NGOs, manufacturers, academia, foundations with active contribution in every phase of product development.

Collaborate with us

Are you an organisation, student, or humanitarian-at-heart with an
idea to advance shelter research and development?
Get in touch with our team!

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