What we do

Together with partners, we offer dignity and protection throughout the duration of displacement where our structures are needed the most. Within our shelter system, we offer two options based on the modular frame, adapted to different responses, situations and requirements: the RHU and RHU Structure.

Our activities

Humanitarian relief

We distribute shelter worldwide, which can be upgraded or upcycled according to individual needs or local traditions.

Research & development

We conduct research into shelter responses in emergency and protracted displacement situations with partners.

Technical support

We support our partners throughout the planning, capacity building and assurance phases of their shelter programs.

Advocacy & reporting

We advocate for increased safety and protection of displaced communities and for improved living standards in camps.

Our approach

A humanitarian shelter is a habitable dwelling that offers a safe, healthy, and dignified living space for people affected by disasters and conflicts. We focus on providing shelter during all stages of emergency and recovery efforts. We base our work on the experiences and studies shared by experts and practitioners in the field: our approach to humanitarian shelter is influenced by the “transitional tent” and “transitional shelter” concepts introduced by Shelterthe Centre.

This means that we anticipate the need for relocation and provide immediate and ongoing support while reconstruction is underway. Our approach involves an incremental process that helps us better understand transitional tents and shelter requirements. We aim to use materials that can be reused for long-term housing, promoting repairability and positively impacting the environment.

Our projects

Our partners

Our impact is achieved through strong partnerships with NGOs, UN agencies and the private sector. See who we partner with and learn more about how we collaborate!