Our relief units

Safe and dignified temporary shelters for humanitarian response.
Relief Housing Unit (RHU)

A resistant shelter that arrives with all parts in a flatpack and is easy to assemble for immediate safety and dignity in emergency response.

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RHU Structure

A robust shelter frame that lets residents make incremental upgrades with local material and use it throughout the duration of displacement.

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Technical support

We support in disaster or conflict situations, both in camps and urban settings, throughout project preparation, implementation, and maintenance.

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Incremental approach

A shelter should be a safe space to heal, learn and find protection. Our modular shelter system can be quickly deployed in a disaster to offer immediate protection while also providing long-term safety and dignity in protracted situations. They allow for incremental upgrading, reinforce what is locally available, and can be repurposed and recycled over time.



0-6 months

All-in-a-box shelter
Rapid distribution
Assembled in a matter of hours
Immediate safety and dignity in an emergency.


Protracted crisis

6 months to 10+ years

Upgrade with local materials
Adapt to local culture and environment



3 to 10+ years

Kick-start recovery efforts

Our focus

We not only offer shelter for families to live safely in, but also deploy structures serving as community buildings and classrooms to facilitate education and development for displaced schoolchildren. Medical NGOs save lives and reduce suffering by offering vital care in our structures.

Partner with us

We support our humanitarian partners around the world in their relief missions to provide safety and dignity for displaced populations. Contact our team to learn more about becoming a partner.