Opportunities are limitless when empowering education

We work with partners who facilitate schooling and development because education plays a crucial role in improving the livelihoods of vulnerable persons. By providing a space for learning, our shelters promote education as a tool to empower children on their path towards a hopeful future.

Education is a right that should be accessible to all, from supporting early childhood development, to technical and vocational training for adults.

The design of our modular relief units can be adapted to create large and small learning environments.

The importance of supporting education in displacement

We support our partners’ education initiatives in order to restore regular schooling as a priority in childhood development, following the disruption of education during displacement. By continuing systematic education, children are encouraged to pursue high goals and are prevented from engaging in conflict and violent behaviours. More than just a place for learning, our shelters have been made into classrooms to provide a safe space for children who are particularly vulnerable to domestic abuse, sexual and gender based violence (SGBV), human trafficking and forced recruitment.

We support our partners who bring education in emergencies.

The customised support we offer our partners on the field enables building and implementation good practice,
to ensure that the classrooms and administration facilities last for as long as they are needed. Learn more about our support.

Our work in education

For over ten years, we have supplied our humanitarian partners on the field with shelters in support of their post conflict and post disaster missions. Discover our projects in over 70 countries, focused on bringing the effects of education to reality.

“Here, the school is close to my home. I go there with my sister and my cousins, and I have made friends to play with. When I grow up I want to become a doctor so I can treat sick people in need.”

Ruba, a young student living in Afin, Northwest Syria

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