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Press releases

Successful assembly of Better Shelter units in Europe

Oct 02, 2015 admin

520 Better Shelter units have been delivered to UNHCR in Greece during the month of September. The assembly program operated by the UNHCR in Karatepe transit camp, Mytilini (Lesvos), has commenced with support by Better Shelter. 220 shelters will be assembled in Mytilini before October 15th.

Better Shelter at Falkenbergs Museum

Sep 24, 2015 admin

A shelter with an aim to provide displaced persons with a more dignified home: welcome to the exhibition about Better Shelter at Falkenbergs Museum in Sweden, until 29 November. The exhibition revolves around the situation of refugees, at a time when Europe is facing its worst refugee crisis in decades. A Better Shelter is featured in the museum, prompting visitors to consider the importance of home while so many are without. Visitors are also able to experience the design aspect of Better Shelter and the prototyping process from the very beginning until today.

Better Shelter deltar i Hela Sverige skramlar – en konsert till förmån för människor på flykt [SWEDISH]

Sep 18, 2015 admin

”Jag är hemskt stolt att Better Shelter ska delta i Hela Sverige skramlar tillsammans med Sverige för UNHCR och landets artistelit. De besökare som kommer stiga in i Better Shelter får möjlighet att se vart en del av gåvorna till UNHCR går, och samtidigt får de ökad förståelse för hur några av världens mest utsatta människor lever idag” säger Johan Karlsson, initiativtagare till Better Shelter.

Successful delivery of Better Shelters in Nepal

Jun 26, 2015 admin

As one of the first respondents, MSF ordered 50 Better Shelter units for their operations in Nepal. The shelters were successfully delivered earlier this month, when early recovery work after the earthquake was being implemented. MSF are primarily using the Better Shelter units as temporary health care facilities in the district, to help ensure the continuation of basic primary health care, until more permanent construction options for the medical structures may be realised.

[SWEDISH] Pressinbjudan Almedalen

Jun 24, 2015 admin

På tisdag den 30 juni visas nödbostaden Better Shelter publikt för första gången i Sverige. Hör VD Anders Rexare Thulin och initiativtagaren Johan Karlsson berätta den fantastiska historien om hur ett designprojekt i Hällefors utan budget resulterade i bostäder i platta paket, utvecklade med stöd från IKEA Foundation.

Temporary housing unit Better Shelter featured at Design Miami/Basel 2015

Jun 09, 2015 admin

Design at Large, a part of Design Miami/Basel, presents large-scale works of design not usually exhibited in the traditional gallery booth. This year’s edition revolves around demountable, modular shelters and is curated by the American hotelier and art collector André Balazs. Better Shelter will be featured together with a pavilion by French architect Edouard Francois...

Press meeting at Dihad

Mar 24, 2015 admin

You are welcome to participate in a press meeting at the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid & Development Conference & Exhibition, DIHAD, in Dubai. There we will present Better Shelter, a housing solution made in collaboration with the IKEA Foundation and UNHCR, which will improve the lives of many thousands of displaced people. Better Shelter will also reveal its first large order.

Press images

Mar 24, 2015 admin

IMG_7856.JPG Assembly of Better Shelter prototype, Hilawyen Refugee camp, Dollo Ado, Ethiopia, July 2013. Photo: © R. Cox   IMG_7761.JPG Assembly of Better Shelter prototype, Hilawyen Refugee camp, Dollo Ado, Ethiopia, July 2013. Photo: © R. Cox   KAWERGOSK_150311_7416.JPG Hussein with daughters... View Article

The Better Shelter story

Mar 24, 2015 admin

Anyone who has ever been camping knows that a tent does not provide the best shelter in rain, wind or freezing temperatures. Nor is a tent ideal when the sun is beating down, the air is standing still and the thermometer is pushing 30 degrees celsius.

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ECUADOR: 400 meals are served daily in this Better Shelter diner

400 meals are served every day in this Better Shelter diner Together with partners, UNHCR, the city's firefighters and youth volunteers has built three super sized Better Shelters (each made up of four standard Better Shelters) to increase the size and capacity of a municipal community diner in Ibarra, Ecuador. Now, the diner will be able to serve more than 400 meals per day to people at risk, both Ecuadorian and refugees (especially Venezuelan). The coronavirus pandemic has significantly affected Ecuador, with hundreds of businesses closing as a result, while thousands of people have died and millions have lost their jobs. The community diner adapted by offering hot meals to people who cannot feed their families. Most of the people who come to eat at community diner are elderly from Ecuador, Colombian refugees and refugees and migrants from Venezuela. According to UNHCR, it took more than 15 hours and some 40 volunteers to build the Better Shelter dining rooms.  ¨ - Read article

KUT 90.5: As Camp Gets Demolished, New Shelters Are Built For Austinites Experiencing Homelessness

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Mitt i Stockholm: Husen från söderort gör nytta ute i världen

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