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We collaborate with a diverse range of stakeholders across the humanitarian sector. Our resources and guidance materials are designed to help our implementing partners make the most of our shelters. Please scroll down to find out how to contact us for more support.


Our detailed guide on good building practice, from the foundation to the wall panels and the roof. Ensure that the RHU is installed to standard.

  • Assembly overview and video tutorials
  • Assembly and maintenance manuals
  • Common mistakes (check list)


Standardised applications for ground anchoring on soil and concrete.

  • Anchor system
  • Soil Foundations
  • Concrete slab foundations

Thermal comfort

Measuring impact of different climatic conditions on the RHU, and outlining solutions generated from the field.

  • Executive summary
  • What was tested in the field
  • Research projects

Fire safety

Vigorous fire testing of furnished RHUs provides results on safe escape time and safest distance between shelters.

  • Standards and guidelines
  • Scenario testing (safe scape time 2 minutes and 20 seconds)
  • Safe distance between RHUs (5 meters)

Recycling and decommissioning

Different end-of-life strategies for the RHU, with focus on ecological, economic and technological values.

  • An incremental process and RHU key features
  • Waste hierarchy
  • RHU components


Winterising technologies developed in testing chambers and on the field by partners, including MSB in Ukraine, EuroRelief in Greece and UNHCR in the Balkans.

  • Winterization case studies
  • RHU winterization BOQ
  • RHU winterization instructions (step by step)


Conection suggestions to optimise RHU modularity according to different occupancies and family sizes.

  • Modular options according to family size

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If you are a member of one of our partner organisations and have questions about the planning, implementation, maintenance and upcycling of our shelters, contact our support team now for more resources and support.