Responding with action after flooding causes displacement in Senegal

Region: Africa
Country: Senegal
Year: 2018
Shelter: RHU
Project size: 101-500
Modality: Temporary shelter
Sector: Shelter
Partner: United Nations Office for Project Services
Support: Capacity Building, Communications

In support of the Government of Senegal to relocate fishing families who lost their seaside homes due to coastal erosion, the Saint-Louis Emergency Recovery and Resilience Project (SERRP) was financed by the World Bank, the UN Office for Project Services (UNOPS) in cooperation with the national agency in Saint-Louis (L’Agence de Développement municipal, ADM).

In July 2018, 226 units of the Better Shelter Relief Housing Unit (RHU) were implemented 10 kilometres from the coastal village of Khar Yalla, in Diougop to provide temporary shelter to families displaced by coastal erosion and water surge. Temporary schools, community centres and health clinics have also been set up with RHUs in order to provide temporary dignified services. The families in Diougop will eventually relocate to permanent housing. 

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