Sheltering displaced populations in Burkina Faso

Region: Africa
Country: Burkina Faso
Year: 2019
Shelter: RHU
Project size: 1001-5000
Modality: Temporary shelter
Sector: Shelter
Partner: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Support: Capacity Building, Communications

Burkina Faso is currently experiencing multiple crises, from political instability and violence perpetrated by armed groups, to food insecurity and environmental issues with severe droughts and floods. Almost 150,000 citizens of Burkina Faso have been forced to flee their homes in the past year.

As part of its operations in the country, UNHCR implemented 1,494 Relief Housing Units (RHUs) to shelter 1,394 internally displaced people (IDP) and 100 refugee families in the Central-North and Sahel regions of Burkina Faso.

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Photos: © UNHCR/Romain Desclous