Supporting national partners in Ecuador to provide health care in the COVID-19 pandemic

Region: Americas
Country: Ecuador
Year: 2020
Shelter: RHU
Project size: 101-500
Modality: COVID-19 pandemic relief , Clinics, Hospital extensions
Sector: Health
Partner: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Support: Capacity Building, Communications

Ecuador has the largest population of recognized refugees in Latin America, with around 70, 000 Colombians and more than 400,000 Venezuelan refugees and migrants. The COVID-19 pandemic has stretched the country’s resources and capacity, when in the summer months of 2020, hospitals were crowded and there was a shortage of ICUs available to treat patients with COVID-19.

In response to this crisis, UNHCR installed dozens of Relief Housing Units (RHUs) throughout Ecuador in support of the national health system.

“We monitor the vital signs of everyone who comes to the medical centre.” – Mariela is an Ecuadorian health worker working in a Refugee Housing Unit (RHU) installed by UNHCR as a triage room outside the medical centre in Latacunga.

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