Working with partners to assess hazards and adapt to new solutions in Syria

Region: Middle East & North Africa
Country: Syria
Year: 2020
Shelter: RHU
Project size: 101-500
Modality: Temporary shelter
Sector: Shelter
Partner: Watan Foundation
Support: Design & Planning, Capacity Building, Communications, Logistics

The Watan Foundation and Better Shelter teams collaborated to implement 500 Relief Housing Units (RHUs) in Harem District, Idlib Governorate in Syria. Both teams cooperated on site planning, layout design, ground preparations and fire safety and risk mitigation.

The RHUs implemented largely serve as temporary family shelters for displaced families in the region, with some units also serving as education facilities, health clinics and administration offices.

Better Shelter also offered support on climate adaptation, including on the design of a tailor-made chimney plate to serve as a safe exhaust for stove pipes, which was specifically developed for this project in order to enable the installation of stoves inside the shelters with awareness of fire safety good practice.

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