RHU Structure

The RHU Structure is a sustainable shelter that lasts throughout the duration of displacement and beyond its basic purpose as emergency shelter.
Incremental approach

In an emergency, the reliable steel framework can be clad with tarpaulin and upgraded with local material over time.

User led process

Residents can apply their expertise and building traditions, fostering independence and creating livelihood opportunities and control.


Culturally and climatically adaptable, it may be combined with various materials and techniques in different responses and contexts.

The RHU Structure was developed for contexts where local building materials can be obtained. The metal frame can be wrapped in standard sized tarpaulin for deployment in emergency response, while the walls and roof may be upgraded with locally sourced building materials and attached to the frame with various techniques.

RHU Structure’s lifespan can be extended by adapting it to different shelter needs based on local climate and culture. Partners and residents can customize it over time and throughout displacement.

A structure clad with bamboo walls and a tin roof in Assam, India.

Features and measurements

Steel frame mounted with ground anchors

Flat-packed in two boxes

3 year shelf life

10 year lifespan

Assembled by a team of four in one hour without additional tools

Developed according to the Sphere minimum standards


17.5 sq. m / 188.4 sq. ft.

(H) 2.83 m x (L) 5.68 m x (W) 3.32 m

(H) 9.2 ft. x (L) 18.6 ft. x (W) 10.9 ft.


69 kg / 152 lbs.

  • 28m/s or 101km/h wind resistance
  • Frame made of fire retardant material
  • 10kg/m2 snow load.

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Small connection components

Assembly overview

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Technical information

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