Relief Housing Unit (RHU)

A resistant shelter that arrives with all parts in a flatpack and is easy to assemble for immediate safety and dignity in emergency response.

All in a box

The RHU is the last safety net when nothing else works. Residents can move into a dignified shelter from start.


Multi-sectoral use in different contexts and climates. Can be upgraded overtime to prolong lifespan.

Dignified, safe, temporary

While temporary, the RHU offers conflict and disaster affected families a higher level of safety, protection and dignity.

The RHU is delivered with complete parts ready for assembly when removed from the flatpack. It is equipped with a lightweight roof and wall panels, a lockable door and solar powered lamp and charger. The configured all-in-one flatpack allows for an immediate response effort where the shelter can be received, assembled and occupied by residents on the same day.

The assembly parts are standardised and hassle-free, making projects easy to plan and implement on time. The shelter features ensure a high degree of protection and provide versatility in the type of occupancy, including basic family accommodation, health, education and other communal activities.

Features and measurements


Lockable door

4 windows

4 ventilations

Semi-rigid, opaque roof and wall panels

Steel frame mounted with ground anchors

PV system & portable lamp


5 year shelf life

Min 3 years lifespan for panels

Min 10 years for frame

4-6 hrs assembly time by team of 4

Up to 140 units assembled per day

Sphere minimum standards



17.5 sq. m / 188.4 sq. feet

(H) 2.83 m x (L) 5.68 m x (W) 3.32 m

(H) 9.2 ft. x (L) 18.6 ft. x (W) 10.9 ft.


160 kg / 352.7 lb. (shelter 140 kg / packaging 20 kg)

  • 28m/s or 101km/h wind resistance
  • Passes artificial rain test with no leakage
  • Minimum 2-minute escape time
  • Withstands 10kg/m2 snow load

20 DC container: 17 units

40 DC container: 36 units

40 HC container: 48 units

Truck: 52 units

We ship via air, road and sea from Poland, Panama and Türkiye. Contact us for more information.

Roof panels
Wall panels
Floor sheet


We offer support before during and after the implementation of a project.

Assembly overview