Our work in shelter

Our shelter plays a crucial role in supporting their journey towards a hopeful future for people affected by conflict or disasters.
A shelter is a critical survival mechanism that should offer safety and dignity until a permanent home in peace becomes available.
Learn more about the values and principles that guide us in providing safe and dignified shelters to our most vulnerable populations in displacement.

The impact of shelter

Safety and dignity

Ensures a persons basic level of safety, privacy, dignity and security.


Space for physical and mental healing, to support trauma recovery.


A tempoarary, yet stable, home makes it easier to study, plan longterm and secure an income.


Shelter improves cohesion between diverse people groups, and a safe and respectful communla living environment.


Makes people more aware of disaster and conflict risks, reducing the impact of new and repeat hazards.

“I know that in my heart when I leave here, I’m going to miss this little house in a certain way because at a time when I needed it, it was there.”
Robert Baptiste, Esperanza Community resident in Texas, United States
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Shelter projects

For over ten years, we have supplied our humanitarian partners with shelters in emergencies and protracted crises, after disasters and in conflicts, and to alleviate urban homelessness.