Solution or utopia? Design for refugees

 May 20 until Aug 26, 2017

Today, 60 million people are fleeing from war, or have been displaced for other reasons. They often lack even the most fundamental necessities of life. Designers and architects can get involved and respond to these needs by developing inexpensive and/or smart solutions. And at a later stage – when people have arrived at a new destination – designers can help them to build new lives, and integrate into society through new technologies and innovative solutions.

The Stedelijk Museum presents almost 50 recent initiatives designed to improve the temporary situations faced by refugees. One of the designers’ central challenges was to devise practical, real-life solutions. From clothing that can double as a tent, to improved signage in a refugee camp, and from linkable plastic floor sections for temporary shelters to a digital service that helps refugees navigate their new environment. Several of the proposals were designed or implemented by refugees, like the flag designed by the Syrian Yara Said for the Refugee Nation during the last Olympic Games and the furniture by Cucula, which is produced in Berlin.

Better Shelter participcated in a panel discussion sharing their views on innovating in the humanitarian space.