World Refugee Day 2021: A space to live, not just to survive

Everyday life shapes a big part of our identity and creates a sense of meaning. Our habits steer the direction of the days without unpredictable or dramatic events – you drink coffee in the morning while listening to the radio; laugh at cartoons on the telly; argue with your spouse about the cleaning; have dinner with the friends; help your children brush their teeth. When your routines and the place where you feel safe is taken away from you, it leaves you vulnerable and uncertain of the future.

We know that living in displacement is far from how life used to be. And it is far from how you’d wish it to be. We hope that every human being is given the opportunity to create the everyday life that they desire. Until then, we create spaces where one can feel safe and dignified with the possibility to create habits that give a sense of meaning, even if they are temporary.