Continuous product improvements

We developed an improved version of the current shelter in 2023, which will be available in 2024. The new version incorporates improved indoor climate and environmental sustainability

Better indoor climate

The panels in our new shelter version have a white reflective film on the outside to better reflect solar radiation and thus lower the indoor temperature in hot weather. The middle layer of the panel is coloured with a masterbatch, increasing the panel’s opacity and blocking out light. Using white in both layers increases the possibility of reusing reground production waste and decreases scrap and virgin material.

Increased use of recycled material

Injection moulded parts, including windows, ventilations, screws and bolts, in the new shelter version are made of 40 to 100 per cent recycled material. This change affects the parts made of PP (Polypropylene) and PA (Polyamide) plastics.

Environmental and health-friendly flame retardant

Fire prevention is critical in displacement camps because fires pose a significant risk of death and injury. We have spent several years sourcing non-bromine-based flame retardant for the panels. The new panels are treated with a flame-retardant material with a lower environmental and health impact while maintaining the same level of fire safety.

Easier to recycle

Introducing a non-bromine-based fire retardant in the panels increases their recyclability while transitioning to a mono-material. The new panels used in the shelter are made of a sandwich material with only PP as a base, whereas previous panels used a combination of PP and PE materials. This combination allows the panels to be recycled directly as PP, eliminating the need for specific recycling plants or material categorisation.

Lower global warming potential

These changes are expected to result in a lower global warming potential. In 2024, we will conduct a new Life Cycle Analysis to calculate the CO2 impact of the new shelter version compared to the current.

From our Global compact communication on progress: January 1 to December 31, 2023