Laç/Albania: RHUs used in support of a family displaced by a natural disaster.

In late July 2021, we received photos of a group of Albanian Red Cross volunteers assembling a Relief Housing Unit (RHU) in Laç, Albania for a family that had their house destroyed by an earthquake in the region.

According to volunteers and Red Cross members responsible for the assembly of the shelter, this RHU will house a family of 5-6 people and enable them to have a reliable and dignified shelter while they begin the road to recovery to a new house.

We thought we would share some pictures of the fantastic work done by the assembly crew to celebrate their work!

Thank you to one of the Red Cross volunteers who sent us photos and a videos of the RHU fully assembled. Check it out!

© Klea Hokha

We know that living in displacement is far from how life used to be. And it is far from how you’d wish it to be. We hope that every human being is given the opportunity to create the everyday life that they desire. Until then, we create spaces where one can feel safe and dignified with the possibility to create habits that give a sense of meaning, even if they are temporary.