Implementing education initiatives for children in Iraq

Region: Middle East & North Africa
Country: Iraq
Year: 2018
Shelter: RHU
Project size: 1001-5000
Modality: Classrooms
Sector: Education
Partner: Terre des Hommes
Support: Capacity Building, Communications

The humanitarian crisis in Iraq remains one of the largest in the world. The violence perpetrated by the Islamic State (IS) group has forced hundreds of thousands of families to flee their homes. Many of these families have been living in precarious conditions and are unable to provide their children with basic needs, such as food security and health care.

Due to the high level of school building destruction following combat operations against IS, the NGO Terre des Hommes, in agreement with the Ministry of Education and the Education Cluster, decided to implement Better Shelter Relief Housing Units (RHUs) in the SAD and Kirkuk governorates in Iraq, to be used as temporary learning spaces in schools. The shelters began to be implemented in September 2018, and are equipped with fire extinguishers and electricity connections.

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