Building communities with safety and hope in Mozambique settlement

Region: Africa
Country: Mozambique
Year: 2018
Shelter: RHU
Project size: 0-50
Modality: Transit centres, Temporary shelter
Sector: Shelter
Partner: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Support: Capacity Building

According to UNHCR, 78% of the refugees hosted in Mozambique are from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), with most having fled from the Eastern region of the DRC, due to a recent surge in violence against civilians. The conflicts in the Great Lake area and the deteriorating humanitarian situation have led to the displacement of over 7.5 million people.

UNHCR Mozambique implemented 48 RHUs in the Maratane refugee settlement in Nampula, north of Mozambique. The RHUs serve three key purposes: to provide care for victims of sexual and gender-based violence, for family accommodation in transit situations and as a community centre.

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