Supporting grassroots partners on the field in Mexico with shelter for critical services

Region: Americas
Country: Mexico
Year: 2019
Shelter: RHU
Project size: 0-50
Modality: Clinics, Storage spaces, Pharmacy
Sector: Health
Partner: Global Response Management
Support: Capacity Building, Communications, Logistics

Matamoros in Mexico is on the banks of the Rio Grande river and hosts a refugee camp with around 2500 asylum seekers from different parts of Central America. The city of Brownsville, Texas is located just across the river. Residents of the camp in Matamoros are awaiting their asylum cases to be processed by United States authorities.

The camp is served by a coalition of grassroots groups and volunteers, with infrastructure funded in part by the Mexican government. The NGO Global Response Management (GRM) has provided medical assistance in the camp since September 2019. The team received 4 Better Shelter Relief Housing Units (RHU) in 2019, which they use in their daily operations to treat patients with various health concerns, including appendicitis, third-degree burns, pneumonia, influenza and severe acute malnutrition.

GRM has been able to attend to 3000 patients since opening the clinic.

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