Widening COVID-19 relief measures in Guyana with RHUs

Region: Americas
Country: Guyana
Year: 2020
Shelter: RHU
Project size: 0-50
Modality: COVID-19 pandemic relief , Isolation units, Temporary shelter
Sector: Shelter, Health
Partner: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Support: Capacity Building

Guyana is a small nation of less than 800,000 people, located in the northeast of South America. Despite its small population, Guyana was no exception to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. When the general public was advised to avoid large gatherings, and ultimately leading to regulated social distancing, UNHCR donated 48 RHUs to Guyana for installation as temporary isolation centres.

The RHUs were provided to households at risk of overcrowding, or where people in the household might have been in contact with COVID-19 cases. This strategy provided needed support for families living in single-room housing, extending their home to maintain social distance.

The RHUs were set up in every region of Guyana, by the Ministry of Public Health and the Civil Defense Commission, with particular attention to the most remote regions of the country.