768 shelter for South Sudanese refugees in Uganda

We are supporting UNHCR with assembly training and set up of RHUs in Imvepi Refugee Camp – host to 62,700 refugees from South Sudan and located in the Arua District of Uganda. 

4.3 million people from South Sudan have fled their homes to other parts of the nation or to neighbouring countries to escape raging violence and severe food shortages, due to political and economic chaos and drought. More than 854,000 South Sudanese people currently live in Uganda. 

South Sudan became independent from Sudan in 2011, but peace was short-lived, and a civil war erupted in December 2013 after the president accused his vice president of an attempted coup. Fighting between the two factions of government forces soon spread across the country. In 2018, the civil war was reported to have claimed as many as 383,000 lives. 

The several peace agreements that have been signed over the last years — the most recent in September 2018 — have been repeatedly violated. While reported incidents of conflict have decreased somewhat since the Sep 2018 deal, the situation in South Sudan remains highly volatile and violence continue. 

Relatively small numbers of people have started to return home in light of the tenuous peace agreement, but new displacements continue, and overall displacement remains high. Those affected are struggling to survive after years of protracted conflict that has destroyed livelihoods, forced people from their homes, disrupted planting and eliminated critical coping resources, like savings and livestock.