What Design Can Do in urban areas

We’re at What Design Can Do (WDCD), an international design conference that highlights design challenges and work by design professionals with an aim to let the public discover what design can be capable of.

Held at the FAAP theatre in the megacity of São Paulo, Brazil, it features two days of inspirational talks and workshops with a specific focus on how designers can work with urban issues. Indian “anarchytect” Rohan Shivkumar shared insight from developments of a Mumbai slum, and journalist Tracy Metz presented her work on how architects and designers across the world are forced to think differently about water and flooding in times of climate change. The global refugee crisis was a recurring theme during talks and workshops, with integration and housing identified as the main challenges for many.

Together with UNHCR, we presented Better Shelter and talked about how systematic collaboration with refugees during the development phase was invaluable for our team and for the final design of the shelter.

What Design Can Do for Refugees

The What Design Can Do for Refugees project aims to challenge designers to improve the lives of refugees in urban areas, by developing solutions for services, products and/or technologies. The challenge is run by WDCD and IKEA Foundation, with support by UNHCR Innovation. Read more and pre-register here!