Communication on progress: Better Shelter 2019-2020

Better Shelter joined the United Nations Global Compact in 2018, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. 

Since joining the initiative in 2018, we have become increasingly aware of the policies and mechanisms already in place. This work has also helped us to identify what we are missing, and which areas require more work and effort.

As a result, we began integrating the Global Compact’s ten core principles into our business activities by completing a company-wide assessment and drafting an action plan. We have centred our actions and activities around Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption.

Throughout 2020, much like other organisations and humanitarian actors, our team learned to run our organisation remotely, serve partners when needed, provide COVID-19 relief infrastructure across four continents, and forge strong relationships with NGOs, governments, and the private sector without ever leaving home. These hardships brought out the best in us and we are happy to share that in 2020 delivered 15 417 shelters serving as shelters and medical infrastructure in 36 countries.

With great satisfaction we communicate to our partners, colleagues and fellow humanitarian agencies, Better Shelter’s progress as an organization, an employer, a humanitarian and environmental actor.

We look forward to the years to come and will continue pushing for more sustainable and environmentally friendly activities that foster respect for human rights and transparency.