Our work in health

Valeria Inca in front of a Relief Housing Unit (RHU) installed by UNHCR outside a hospital in Ecuador during the Covid pandemic.
Our shelters serve as primary health clinics in refugee camps, as triaging rooms, hospital wards, vaccination centres and as supporting infrastructure to hospitals. The shelters meet high-quality standards, enabling medical NGOs to address a range of issues. They provide access to basic health services, promoting short and long-term mental and physical wellbeing.

The impact of health

Addresses immediate needs

Provides immediate assistance for injuries, illnesses, and emergencies.

Prevents disease outbreaks

Prevents and manages outbreaks through vaccinations, sanitation measures, and medical treatment.

Supports vulnerable people

Provides maternal and child health care, nutrition support, mental health services, and care for chronic conditions.

Access to reproductive health

Access to reproductive health services, including prenatal care, family planning, and support for safe childbirth.

Promotes overall wellbeing

Alleviates suffering, restores physical and mental health, and enables people to rebuild their lives after displacement.

“I found out that [the Structure] was set up for providing COVID-19 vaccine. I took a sigh of relief as now I didn’t need to travel a long distance to get vaccinated.”

Ram Pari Devi, Bihar

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Our health projects

We have supplied our humanitarian partners with thousands of shelters to support their health projects worldwide.


We work with our partners on the field, ensuring building and implementation good practice to meet the highest health and sanitation standards for use as clinics. Read more