Nothing is possible without good health

Recent public health emergencies of international concern have revealed the critical need for medical support structures around the world, and especially in regions with precarious health services.

Through partnerships with medical NGOs,
thousands of our shelters have been deployed as medical facilities
to increase the access of health services for the populations who are in most need of vital care.

Our modular shelters can be adapted and modified to function as clinics, triaging rooms, vaccination hubs and isolation wards.

The assurance of health structures

Our shelters have been tested to meet the quality standards which allow our medical NGO partners to attend to various medical needs including conditions relating to women’s health, age and physical and intellectual disabilities. Our shelters nurture both short-term and long-term mental and physical wellbeing by enabling access to basic sanitary health services. The security of shelter as accommodation improves basic levels of hygiene by reducing the exposure to air pollution and climate related health hazards.

We work with our partners on the field,
ensuring building and implementation good practice
in order to meet the highest health and sanitation standards for use as clinics.

We also learn from our partners, as they experiment with the best possible ways to adapt and modulate our shelters according to their unique climate,
culture and contexts. Learn more about our partner support.

Our work in health

For over ten years, we have supplied our humanitarian partners on the field with shelters in support of their post conflict and post disaster missions. Discover our projects in over 70 countries, focused on bringing the effects of health to reality.

“I found out that (the structure) was set up for providing healthcare services in the village and to help us get access to the COVID-19 vaccine shot. I took a sigh of relief as now I didn’t need to travel a long distance to get vaccinated.”

Ram Pari Devi, Resident of the Ladaho Gram Panchayat, Darbhanga District, Bihar

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