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In collaboration with local and global partners, Better Shelter provides shelter as temporary homes for displaced families to live in safely, and infrastructure to promote improved health, protection and education.

Safe and dignified temporary shelter for use in conflicts, after disasters, and to combat homelessness.

Our structures serve as health facilities to support existing infrastructure and as temporary services in camps.

With our shelters serving as classrooms and libraries, partners ensure continuing education activities in camps.

Our structures can become private, safe spaces for community and early childhood development.

Our impact


We have delivered shelters in 80 countries worldwide.


shelters serve as temporary homes, clinics, classrooms and community buildings.


We have improved the living conditions of more than 425,000 people in displacement.

About us

We are a humanitarian non profit organisation with a mission to develop temporary shelters that offer displaced people safety and dignity on their path toward a life in peace in a permanent home. 

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