Partnering with SEEDS to build community resilience and capacity in India

Region: Asia and the Pacific
Country: India
Year: 2020
Shelter: Structure
Project size: 0-50
Modality: Temporary shelter
Sector: Shelter
Partner: SEEDS
Support: Design & Planning, Capacity Building, Assurance, Communications, Logistics

In partnership with SEEDS, 15 Structures were implemented throughout India as the need arose from the local communities and COVID-19 restrictions were enacted.

Until the reporting date, two units have been assembled for testing and research and development (R&D) purposes in Delhi, four units have been installed as temporary shelters in Kerala and two units in Haridwar in the same function. In Delhi, the units were covered with plastic sheeting and upgraded with pallet wood and bamboo mats.

Kerala is warm with a humid climate and is prone to flooding. Therefore, the Structures were upgraded with tarpaulin at first, followed by CGI roofing, and timber and locally-grown bamboo for the walls. In Haridwar, the Structures were used in its emergency modality, covered with plastic sheeting. At the time of the assessment, there had yet to be material upgrades made to the Structure.

The upcycling process is unique to each unit. SEEDS intends to repurpose the testing units from the New Delhi office in support of the country’s covid-19 relief efforts and other medical support.

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Photos by Sameer Raichur, 2021